Most of my work nowadays is text-based, written in Dutch, and must be translated before it will appear on My English pages.
I simply don’t have time to translate all my work, so what you find here is all I can offer you right now.

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• 2008 Rien ne va Plus, one of my longer poems.
• 2009 An ode to Oddity

Adrie Krijgsman (Rotterdam, 1948) studied at the Academy of Arts and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam, followed by two years of philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.

Nowadays he is the director of DeFKa, the Department of Philosphy an Art, an artists initiative based in Assen NL, where he curates exhibitions and organizes literary and philosophical programs.
Since 2009 DeFKa is integrated with SMAHK, the Municipal Museum Assen for Contemporary Art.
Besides this he is the owner of Orfeus, an antiquarian bookstore in Assen.


Not in imitation of, but with great affinity for the anarchistic method Anything goes by the philosopher Paul Feyerabend, I assume pluralism as an ideal, both socially and in the arts.
I also try to express this pluralism in my own work, in a form of diversity, frequently in a trial and error process.
To achieve this I make use of several disciplines: poetry, essays, painting, installation art and internet. Almost all of my work can be positioned as engaged art.

For some of my visual artwork, go to Beeldend

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