An ode to oddity

Yes, mother nature
writes lyrical odes to oddity,
to happy dreamers minds
and funny spirits of all kinds.

In a genuine elsewhere,
a low-brow mind says
“sei doch froh mein Sohn”.

Our opposition is their coalition,
just a handshake away
from some princely predecessor,
from the laurelled helmsman,
from the worshipped prophet,
the enemy in land of disbelieve,
the aster in the fall amidst young lilacs.

And in a distance
the gap of eternity looms.

A veiled mysterious woman,
among descendants lost in time,
bulging from childhood,
hopping the dirt road –

time frozen over –

although the naked feet yet sinking in the mud
of a long denied abolition,
caused in the void of Gods breath.

She slips on moist, fertile soil,
plants from herself a cutting
in the turmoil for her daily bread,
the Karmic chain of life and death.

For in the gradual semantics
of popular pleasure language
“kommt erstens doch das Fressen”
and later the consideration.

Here the sparkling, open eyes,
clear as mountain crystal.
There the dragoons, stabbing grief
from healthy, well-blooded flesh,
cursing their language loose
from historical failure.

Moral decay, they say,
but let the robber knights,
with strong disrupting passions,
go on.

And in a distance
the gap of eternity looms.

Dark clouds,
threatening decay of systems build with diligence:
houses of splendid language,
houses with good spirits
and cheerful children’s hubbub.

© Adrie Krijgsman 2009

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